Aboriginal Health Group

The Aboriginal Health Group (AHG) was formed for two main reasons:

1. To increase the understanding of Aboriginal people and Aboriginal Health issues.
2. To develop a network of students interested in improving the health of Aboriginal people.

From the Executive

Hello all, 2009-2010 Aboriginal Health Group (AHG) members, newcomers, and website seekers. It has been a fun year filled with events, stimulating discussions, laughs, and tears (of joy of course), but the new academic year is finally here. your name removed, please let us know sooner than later.

The new 2010-2011 AHG Executive committee is combined of seven dynamic University of Alberta students who share a keen interest in Aboriginal health. Current activities for the year please check out our website on a regular basis to find out the dates, times and locations of our monthly guest speakers) or sign up now as a member on our website: to receive this information via your personal email. Several speakers who share a unique background and knowledge about Aboriginal Health have been invited to take part in this monthly event. We look forward to greeting them with dynamic audiences. Lunch is provided.

The Culturally Appropriate Tobacco Use Outreach Program for Aboriginal Youth project will continue this year. This is a great opportunity to educate young children about the traditional use of Tobacco and its spiritual significance in the First Nations culture. We are always looking for University Students to volunteer to present to Elementary schools in and around Edmonton, please attend the orientation session on September 22, 2010 for more information.

The Aboriginal Health Awareness week will take place in the New Year, which includes an end of the year Gala filled with Traditional teachings, keynote speakers, guests, cultural entertainment and great company. This event helps individuals in the community learn more about Aboriginal health issues and discuss possible solutions with health professional to put an end to health disparities. So look out for posters of this event on the website and around the university of Alberta campus!

We have more to come so do not forget to look at our website and our facebook group page to note important dates of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities! We look forward to sharing good times with you!

If you wish to receive newsletters, posters and updates about the group via personal email, sign up now as a member via:

Our website www.aboriginalhealthgroup.org